Rajan Patel, MD Reviews
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Thank you Dr. Rajan Patel for the support before surgery and life time of relief from shoulder pain!

I had gotten multiple opinions before choosing Dr. Patel. This kindness, patience and detailed explanation of what the surgery would include is what gave me the confidence that Dr. Patel would be the best surgeon for me. The cleanliness and organization was a plus also.

Once again Dr. Patel and nurses I thank you for the experience and the great work that's given me relief of the constant pain I was in. I have so much gratitude and respect for Dr. Patel office!

Dr. Patel performed an amazing procedure on my shoulder! Not only does he provide excellent service, but he makes you feel very comfortable and informs you thoroughly. The staff are very friendly and have always provided me with great customer service. I highly recommend his services.

Dr. Patel is a kind and compassionate.

My experience with Dr. Patel was excellent. I had a right hip joint replacement operation that was without incident or complication. It was, in fact, a much easier and simpler procedure than I had ever imagined. I spent one night in the hospital. In less than a week I was starting to move around (with a "walker" at first). I attribute the ease of the recovery to Dr. Patel's ability and skill.

“I've always found Dr. Patel to be pleasant and helpful, happy to answer any questions. And he's a terrific surgeon with excellent credentials.”

- Irene L, Los Angeles, CA - Yelp

“Thank you Dr. Rajan Patel for the support before surgery and life time of relief from shoulder pain!”

- Vorj P., Beverly Hills, CA

“Had a great experience with Dr. Patel. Surgery and recovery went better than expected.”

- Nina J., Burbank, CA

“Dr. Patel is a great surgeon and an attentive, empathetic doctor. I like the doctor so much that I travel across town for an appointment with him.”

- Sasha F, Los Angeles