Best Hip Surgeon in Los Angeles & Beverly Hills

Best Hip Surgeon in Los Angeles & Beverly Hills

If the hip pain or loss of mobility is interfering with your daily life and activities, you may need to discuss the pros and cons of hip replacement with the top hip surgeon in Los Angeles & Beverly Hills.

Although there's some risk involved with all major operations, hip replacement is generally very successful and beneficial for most people who proceed with the surgery. Generally, getting an experienced surgeon to perform your hip replacement procedure can give you freedom of pain, improved mobility, and improved quality of life with low risk of complications.

Best Hip Surgeon in Los Angeles & Beverly Hills

How Hip Replacement Works

The hip comprises a ball-and-socket joint that allows a wide range of motion. Any damage to the cartilage covering the joint surface may cause the ball to move less freely and smoothly within the socket. During a hip replacement operation, the surgeon replaces the damaged surfaces with artificial parts made of plastic, ceramic, or metal.

Hip replacement is a common procedure for people suffering from severe osteoarthritis, though it is sometimes used to provide relief from inflammatory conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis (RA) and ankylosing spondylitis (AS), for hip development problems during childhood, or to repair fractures resulting from osteoporosis and other conditions.

Who Needs Hip Replacement?

Hip arthritis doesn't necessarily mean that you will need a hip replacement. Dr. Patel will try other non-surgical interventions, including pain relief medication, physiotherapy, steroid injection into the hip joint, or walking aids before recommending hip replacement. But if your hip is severely damaged, resulting in severe pain, stiffness, or disability, then surgery may be your best option.

Dr. Patel performed an amazing procedure on my shoulder! Not only does he provide excellent service, but he makes you feel very comfortable and informs you thoroughly. The staff are very friendly and have always provided me with great customer service. I highly recommend his services.

Dr. Patel is a kind and compassionate.

A typical hip replacement lasts about 20 years. So the younger you have surgery, the greater the likelihood of your new joint wearing out and requiring another hip replacement. Whether you want to determine if you're a good candidate for replacement or your current one feels worn out and need to replace it, Dr. Patel, a top surgeon in Los Angeles & Beverly Hills will give you the best solution for your case.

“Our goal is to treat you with the best quality care to ensure optimal health for your hips, knees & shoulders.”

- Rajan M. Patel, MD
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